Preparation-Tour for Zugspitze via Höllental

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Alomst every day we receive calls from guests who are unsure whether they can manage the difficult, alpine mountain tour to the Zugspitze via the Höllental. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for us on the phone or by email to give you an assessment of whether you can do the tour or not. If you don't know it yourself, how should we make this assessment without ever seeing you?

If you are unsure whether you can make the tour via the Höllental to the Zugspitze, we will help you with this preparation tour to classify yourself and determine where you are at the moment!

On this moderately difficult to difficult mountain hike, we give you the opportunity to see where you are in terms of fitness and what it means to go on mountain tours with 1000-1500 vertical meters in the ascent. We will help you to determine whether you can walk surefooted even in unpaved and rocky mountain terrain. For this we are installing small training courses during this tour. Since the topic of vertigo keeps conjuring up a big question mark among our guests, we also put you in the situation during the preparation tour to decide for yourself whether you have a problem with height and exposure or not.
Finally, we also devote a certain amount of time to the topic "Equipment for the tour via the Höllental to the Zugspitze". Together we look at your existing mountain equipment and show you ways to optimize it. We show you which equipment and shoes you need for the tour to the Zugspitze and what you can safely leave at home, as it is only an unnecessary additional weight.

In summary, we show you where you are right now regarding the following points:

mountain-specific condition
Fear of heights
optimal equipment, especially adequate footwear

In order to work out all these important details with you, we choose a wonderful, medium-difficult to difficult mountain hiking tour, on which we will cover around 1.500 meters in altitude and 12 km of distance. The tour duration of approx. 6-7 hours will show you wether you can move uphill with a backpack for a longer time. After about 900 meters of altitude there is the possibility for people who find the preparation tour too exhausting to take the mountain railway back down to the valley. For the rest it goes up to 2200m. The tour ends at a beautiful viewpoint, where you can look perfectly into the Höllental and the Zugspitze and look forward to what will come. After a refreshing drink, the mountain railway takes you back down to the valley.

After this tour everyone will know whether they are up to the Höllental or if they still have to train :-)

Tour information:

Duration: 1 day
Start of the tour: 6:00 a.m.
Minimum number of participants: 4 participants

Extra cost:
Mountain railways: € 17.50 for descent
Accommodation / meals: -
Train rides: -
Other admissions: -

Services included:
Guided tour by a certified mountain hiking guide

Included rental equipment:
helmet (additional safety equipment is not necessary for the tour)

Requirements for the participants:
Condition: 5-7 hours of ascent
Technique: sure-footedness, no fear of heights
Others: -

Recommended equipment:
ankle-high mountaineering boots
weatherproof clothing
lightweight backpack

Country: Germany

descent: 1-2 hours
tour character: mountain hiking
difficulty: intermediate difficult
ascent: 4-6 hours

Bei dieser Tour handelt es sich um eine Führung.
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Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen für Kurse und Führungen

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